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You Deserve to

Live Your Best Life.

A time of uncertainty can also be a time of great potential.

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Cat Blake,

Certified Divorce Coach

Many people enter into the transition of divorce filled with confusion and vulnerability. Everything that seemed
normal and stable is now “up-in-the-air”. In high-conflict divorce, emotions get triggered and it can become very challenging to separate emotions from important decisions and maintain logical reasoning.


I am here to provide you with a supportive, nonjudgmental environment and take on the non-legal work that attorneys generally are not trained to do. I can help you navigate through co-parenting issues and divorce negotiations, better your communication and organization and work on emotional healing and moving on to your next chapter.

I am passionate in helping my clients realize that this time of uncertainty is also a time of great potential. Together, we will work to renew your strengths and achieve your divorce goals. I will help you through the process in a logical manner, saving you legal expenses and stress.


You will leave with a greater sense of self-confidence and energy for all of your future relationships.

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I offer low cost 30-minute
consultation sessions, where we can
begin to formulate a plan to address
the challenges you face. Because
every situation is unique, this is also a
chance for you to hear more about
how I work and see if it is a good
match for you.




Not only will you have emotional
support throughout the process, but
you’ll also benefit from an
accountability partner. My coaching
model helps get you back on track
and where you want to be (in your
relationships, with your children and
in your career) as quickly as possible.

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I offer specialty support including:
Parenting Strategies, Communication
Techniques, High Conflict Divorce,
Life Coaching, Co-parenting Issues, Emotional Addiction (codependency), Blended Family Challenges, Logically
Managing Emotions.


Praise from my Clients

David, Age 52

“Catharine is warm and nurturing. At the same time, she is firm and can shape the direction of conversations so that her clients remain on point. Catharine is that unique person who guides people as they solve problems and reach solutions that will benefit them. She is a problem solver and a healer who is results oriented. People leave feeling and functioning better.”

Pam, Age 46

“Cat has been instrumental in helping me navigate the emotional highs and lows of divorce. Being a mother of three and as the spouse asking for divorce, I dealt with immense amounts of guilt. Catharine helped me regain years of lost self confidence, see myself as others see me and was an incredible sounding board and resource. I am so thankful that I have her on my side”.

Jane, Age 49

“Just from meeting with you one time, I already feel so much stronger. I am heading into court today with real confidence. When I didn’t have you in my corner, I was listening to everybody else and was super confused on how to handle my divorce. But now, I see a clear path to ending this horrible process. Thank you so much for being there for me! I am so thankful."

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