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Mindful Parenting

Support through divorce with Cat Blake

My Journey Experience

Episode #35: Divorce Your Old Identity and Thrive with Cat Blake


NEXTonSCENE Certified Divorce Coach, Cat Blake

Totally Well with Joyce Strong

Episode 34 with Cat Blake, Certified Divorce Coach

The Just Steph Show

The Just Steph Show with Catharine Blake


The Thriving In Chaos Project with Paulette Rigo and Sonia Queralt

Ep. 15 Catharine Blake: LICSW and Anxiety

Dr. Sue and Me 

Dr. Sue and Me 

WBZ News Divorce Coaching

Matchmaking Business Booming After 2 Years of COVID Pandemic - CBS Boston

THE Amicable Divorce Expert with Judith Weigle

Effects of Divorce on Children w/ Catharine Blake, CDC & Psychotherapist

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