I will get you back

to days in the sunshine.



My 45-minute Discovery Session allows me to learn about you and where you are in your divorce process. I can then offer some valuable next steps and recommendations to help you navigate your journey through the divorce process.





My 90-minute Strategy Session is a deep dive, a comprehensive session where we discuss detailed strategies for you to successfully move forward with your relationship, your divorce and any other issues.

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Divorce Bootcamp offers 6 exclusive full-length video "classes" to help guide you through the process of divorce.  You also receive access to my private Facebook Support Community, where you can connect with others in a similar situation, and an invitation to my Weekly Online Support Group.


Class topics are thorough and comprehensive, including:


Should I Stay or Should I Go

Real Estate with Heather Rogers

Financial Issues with a Certified Financial Advisor

High Conflict Divorce

Parenting through Divorce with Amanda Houle

Self Care with Danielle Rocco & Dr. Jeffrey Kocher

Only $250 


You receive access to all of this valuable education and support for only $250.  Divorce Boot Camp is truly your best path to success.



My monthly coaching package is my most popular package. With this package, you have almost unlimited access to me for a whole month to guide you and help you transform your life into the place you want to be.  This package will give you VIP level support whenever you need it.


Janine, Age 40

“You taught me so much!!! I don’t know what I would have done without you. It took a while to stop some of my conditioned reactions to my ex. . . but without you, I never would have realized I could change this!!”

Roger, 50

“You've gotten me to have a plan and you have been great cheerleading me on. I went from not knowing what I wanted to do to having a plan that is in motion now. I leave every session with one or two next steps to take and I have come so far.”

Pam, Age 46

“Catharine has been instrumental in helping me navigate the emotional highs and lows of divorce. Being a mother of three and as the spouse asking for divorce, I dealt with immense amounts of guilt. Even though logically I knew that I was truly making the best decision for my children”.