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What is a
Certified Divorce Coach®?

As a Certified Divorce Coach, I have undergone the Divorce Coaching Intensive training, study, and coach practicums through the CDC College for Divorce Coaching®.   I always adhere to a Standard of Ethics and Professional Responsibility for CDC Certified Divorce Coach® certificants.


I can serve many roles within your divorce. I am most commonly thought of as emotional support, but I can do so much more than that. I can help with co-parenting issues, communication issues, divorce negotiations, emotional healing and moving on to your next chapter. I'm always looking for ways to support you through the divorce process with as minimal a financial impact as possible.


I can help you separate emotions from decisions and give you clarity, which is incredibly valuable. With one discovery session, you'll already feel a difference.


Get the help you need to

navigate your divorce.

My Own Divorce 

Led Me to Help Others

Even as a trained psychotherapist with 20 years as a child and family therapist under my belt, the divorce process was very difficult and challenging. I naively thought it would be easy as we did not have many assets to argue over. I realized too late that I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. I even tried to do research, only to find a lack of any useful information on the topic at all!

My not-knowing ended up costing me thousands in legal fees. I did not understand the divorce process nor what my options were and my attorney certainly did not enlighten me.

My personality, early traumas and experiences led me to seek out relationships with narcissistic men. I didn't have the knowledge or the self-esteem to know what I was doing wrong, or why I kept making the same bad relationship decisions.

Years of therapy, coaching, research, wisdom and HEALING have led me to  a wonderful and peaceful place in my life. I work hard in helping others; both men and women. I spend quality time with my beautiful daughter. At any given moment you can find me hiking a mountain, traveling on a new adventure, bonding with friends, watching live music or learning new skills. I now live life to the fullest and have found my best self and my best relationships!

And now my journey has led me to YOU! I want to ease the pain of YOUR divorce and walk with you from the beginning to the end of your process.  You are just beginning one of the greatest transformations in your life; if you manage it well!

Watch my video to learn more about what I do

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