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Divorce Coaching


Divorce Coaching Package

This program is ideal for you if you are just beginning your divorce process and/or find yourself dealing with a high-conflict process.

Areas that you will learn about include:

  • narcissism

  • emotional abuse

  • addiction

  • codependency

  • communication strategies that shut down the high-conflict person

  • best co-parenting practices


Divorce Recovery Program

This program is for you if you find yourself post-divorce but experiencing challenges with dating, co-parenting, codependency, and triggering feelings towards your ex-spouse.

If you are looking for healing at the deepest level so that you can ‘let go’’ of the pain from your divorce and shift to thriving in your career, relationships, parenting, health, finances, etc.

Learn how to become your Best You!

Divorce Recovery
Relationship Reform Group


Relationship Reformation Group

This is a general Relationship Skill Building Group that serves as an educational accountability group for individuals in or post-divorce.

We will go over and discuss topics such as:

  • accountability

  • boundaries

  • healing

  • moving beyond divorce

  • parenting

  • codependency


Divorce Boot Camp

Divorce Boot Camp

Divorce Bootcamp is a self-guided, online course that touches on core issues you will face during a divorce. Throughout this course, you will: learn how to decide if you should stay or go, which legal route through a divorce is ideal for you, how to handle real estate and assets, navigate child support and alimony guidelines, handle a high conflict divorce, how to co-parent throughout the divorce process and the importance of self-care including how to start. You will hear from experts in each field in carefully curated video interviews.

You will be able to watch these videos in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. Most subscribers watch and rewatch episodes which helps them gain and retain knowledge in each area of their divorce. 

Pick Your Plan

  • Divorce Coaching

    3 Month Package (payment plans available)
    Valid for 3 months
    • One weekly one:one coaching call
    • Weekly group support through the Relationship Reformation Gr
    • Case management
    • Assistance in choosing your legal team
    • Advocacy to your Team
    • IRL support around ongoing conflict, communication and par
    • Private Facebook group
  • Divorce Recovery

    2 Month Divorce Recovery Program (payment plans available)
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • One weekly one; one coaching call
    • Weekly group support — Relationship Reformation Zoom Call
    • Private Facebook Group
    • ongoing video, journal, & other prompts to help you heal.
  • Divorce Boot Camp

    Comprehensive support for your journey thru divorce
    Valid for one year
    • (6) Video Classes with Expert Guests and Vital Topics
    • Access to Cat's Private Facebook Group
    • Log in and Watch Classes at Your Own Pace
  • Relationship Reformation Group (10/2/23)

    Heal from divorce and remove any obstacles to you having healthy relationships!
    Valid for 2 months
    • 6 week group - hour long meetings via zoom
    • Serves as an educational accountability group
    • General Relationship Skill Building Group
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